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Last Operation:

QRF Incident 00152H

Location: Lingor - Area of Tucas

Situation and Briefing
A few hours ago friendly forces secured the town of Tucos (044056) while simultaneously pushing down past Checkpoint Oeste (053050). The town was taken without much competition from the enemy and a section was stationed there to act as a forward detection unit and provide some recon for the main friendly force's target San Aruclo (041047).

Today was Tier 1's day off the frontline, until now. A few minutes ago the section at Tucos briefly reported being assaulted by at least a platoon sized motorized infantry force. They're significantly outnumbered and the friendlies pushing on San Aruclo are too bogged down to disengage from their own engagement.

Get to Tucos, relieve the section there and drive back the enemy forces.


Coyotes for transport and fire support.
Potentially an Apache... Or two if the turnout is good enough.
UGV for resupply
Unarmed UAV available for deployment


Tier 1 forces were sucessfully ambushed by enemy forces on the outskirts of the town of Tucas. However, after minimal casualties the platoon was able to defend against the ambush and wait for support to deal with the enemy MBT. 

T1 Platoon then moved north and around to assault the town with Bravo 1 splitting off too attemt to emininate a second MBT that has been seen in the town. A difficult but sucessful assult on the town then followed. We now have control of Tucas back and have dealt a considerable blow to the enemy forces in the area. 

Helmet cam footage:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKx-drCGRPU&feature=youtu.be - Orakel78

A big thanks to ManOfHonour for this mission


Now vanilla, with some allowed mods.





Detailed instructions are available in this forum post:


Event Name: Wetworks

Created By: Smith

Following operation sleazeball, Tier1Intelligence has gained Intel around the growing terrorist group Golden Dawn. We don´t know a lot about these self proclaimed, crusaders of the new age. All we know is that they are after anyone with a religious background. On August the 8th 2015, there were a number of attacks on civilian targets around the Mediterranean. No one has put a claim to these attacks yet, but we are certain it has something to do with Golden Dawn.

From this point forward, Golden Dawn will be addressed as codename Pisswasser

Event Name: "Just 24 Days left.."
Created By: Thororin
Just 24 days left for me.. Then Im out of this hell-hole they call a country. Mortars during the night, IEDs on the roads and snipers in the meadows, you name it, we have it. The best part?
You new people get to do it all.


Our battalion, the 1st Force Recon, of Tier 1 ops has been relocated to Kunduz. Our Platoon, "Hitman", part of the 2nd company, has been placed on the western side of the AO.
We came to relief the Bundeswehr elements that had been in this area for the last 12 months. Our FOB is called the "Imperator", I wonder who picked that up.

Weather looks good for this week, and the wind should be light, should lower the amount of sand up my nose.

To recap you fine individuals on the recent history of this fine piece of real-estate, we came, we saw, and kicked the local authorities to kingdom come. Now, it is time to allow the new authorities to establish a peaceful society that will thrive despite the recent setbacks yada yada. At least, thats what the official word is. Which is why we have the ROE set to Green.

Make no mistake, there is a shitstorm right past those walls.
Event Name: Operation BlackSky
Created By: Spawny25
Mission Briefing - Black Ops

Insertion Time 03:00

It seems that during a recon flight we lost a very important package within enemy territory. As relations are worsening with this specific faction we CANNOT be related to this incident.

Your mission is to retrieve this package at all costs.

We are still setting up the details of this mission. These will follow soon.

Needless to say we will deny any involvement if you are caught.