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After Action Report

Tier1 operators conducted an operation to secure a Russian held airfield in the north west Antigua.

After a successful halo insertion Shadow 1 and 2 eliminated the light garrison of the airfield and secured to Mi8 helicopters.

After acquiring two Russian helicopters Shadow 1 and 2 then flew to the south west to Cabo Santa Lucia and conducted a coordinated reconaissance of an enemy base situation there.

Operators then initiated an assault on the enemy base, successfully destroying 3 enemy BTRs. However the enemy, having been alerted to their presence, conducted a coordinated motorised counter-attack from the south. Heavy enemy artillery and mortar fire pinned Shadow 1 and 2 and prevented their withdrawal.

Shadow 2 showed great heroism. Despite under constant mortar fire and infantry assault from the east they proceed to the LZ and retrieved the Mi8 helicopters. They were then able to successfully extract most of Shadow 1.

Helmat Cam Footage 

Many thanks to Pauleh, BigThing and Orakel for recording the following footage.