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Time: 0500

At 05:00 2 Shadow teams, one Echo team and a special operative headed out to the AO to intercept a convoy headed to Ortego. Echo was already at the location to provide shadow with the needed intel.

The operatives had various objectives. Attack the convoy and plant an operative to assasinate the butcher. Even tough they sustained casualties the convoy was destroyed and the operative was succesfully planted and taken to see their commander. The assasination was succesful and in the mean time shadow forces headed towards their second objective. An enemy base. They destroyed and severely damaged the armor they found there and were able to retrieve the inserted operative from the town of Corazol.

This is when things went sideways. Shadow two sustained heavy losses when it got caught between two fronts. Shadow one sustained heavy casulaties when retreating from an approaching BMP.

Shadow was successful in their objective to destroy the enemy communications tower and all retreated to ortega where they took a final stand. The incoming enemy forces were taken out and at that point the IRIS forces started to shell the town. That was the moment for shadow to get exfilled.

In the end the losses were severe the objectives were all destroyed or taken out but at a price.

HQ has decided that in order to move quicker and get in and out of situations faster wyou will be setting up camp on the main island and operate from there. Insertion by chopper is drawing too much attention.

We are sorry for the losses of shadow 1 and 2. New operatives will be sent out to reinforce you as we speak.

Thanks to Spawny for a great mission