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Last Operation:

Operation Lobo

Mission Time: 06:00

Location: Lingor - Area from Defensive Line Broker to Calamar Airport

Current Situation:

We have requested HQ to relocate our Tier1 forces from Chernobyl to Lingor Island again. We have been in an all out war and we are currently pushing south and west on the island. We have been halted at San Arulco and we are barely holding Tucos at the moment.

Mission Briefing:

We need you to help the push south from victorin and North of Marcella. We have friendly forces landing at Palida and trying to keep Opfor forces occupied at various locations.
The forces which will land at Palida will try to break through and take and hold El Villon.

After you have broken through the defensive line near Marcella we want you to push through the Airfield at Calamar. We have friendly forces at Prospero taking hard hits from Opfor forces.

Before you push through to the airfield of Calamar we need you to secure the road between negrosa and Prospera so we can get resupplied and open a line for reinforcements.

You will have all the hardware you may need. We are fully stocked and it is up to the Platoon lead how to distribute this among his forces.

Pilots are needed as always but need to stay away north and west of the island as AA is very heavy in those regions.

Mission Objectives:

- Push through defensive line "Broker"
- Relief friendly forces by securing resupply route at Verdes Cross
- Push through and take the airfield of Calamar

Mission AO:


Tier1 platoon sucessfully broke though defensive line broker with minimal casualties dispite encountering heavy enemy resistance. The platoon then continued to move west towards Calamar, continuing to meet signifigant enemy forces, both infantry and armoured. The mission ended with a perfectly executed assult on the airport helped massively by the use of salvaged enemy AT. Once the airfield was captured, Tier1 was relived by friendly forces who would go on to take the town of Calamar.

Helmet Cam Footage:

None available for this mission.

A big thank you to Spawny25 for this mission!