This is Tier 1 Operations
We are Tier 1 Operations. A Europe based gaming community of experienced and dedicated players centered around Arma 3. Our mission statement is to provide a fun and realistic gaming experience focusing on teamwork, tactics and training (a little something we call the 3 T’s). We aim for simulated combat whilst still maintaining a fun and relaxed community.

We are currently approximately 25 active members, admins, mod makers and experienced mission makers, we are able to provide you an outstanding multiplayer experience.

How can I join Tier 1 Operations?

To join Tier 1 you can simply click here or click on the JOIN US tab on the top of the page. This will take you to an application sheet which you will then need to fill out. Once completed and submitted a recruiter will get in touch with you and the steps needed to continue your application.

How can I log on to your Teamspeak server?

Our teamspeak address is:

Password: welcome

General Info

Tier 1 is an experienced (18+) Arma 3 community that uses tactics and realism to achieve an authentic warfare experience. We specialize in COOP and we mainly play around 20:15 GMT+1 on thursday and sundays. On the battlefield, we are a serious, focused and determined unit, striving to complete objectives and missions with precision, cohesion and realism. Off the battlefield, we are a group of friendly, approachable individuals, hailing from all over Europe and the US, that like to have fun and not be so serious! We are passionate about making our members better players, training new skills and practising old ones in order to create the authentic battlefield experience as a community. We're also passionate about games in general and often stray into other genres. However, first and foremost, we are an Arma 3 community.