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After Action Report

Tier1 operators conducted an operation to secure a Russian held airfield in the north west Antigua.

After a successful halo insertion Shadow 1 and 2 eliminated the light garrison of the airfield and secured to Mi8 helicopters.

After acquiring two Russian helicopters Shadow 1 and 2 then flew to the south west to Cabo Santa Lucia and conducted a coordinated reconaissance of an enemy base situation there.

Operators then initiated an assault on the enemy base, successfully destroying 3 enemy BTRs. However the enemy, having been alerted to their presence, conducted a coordinated motorised counter-attack from the south. Heavy enemy artillery and mortar fire pinned Shadow 1 and 2 and prevented their withdrawal.

Shadow 2 showed great heroism. Despite under constant mortar fire and infantry assault from the east they proceed to the LZ and retrieved the Mi8 helicopters. They were then able to successfully extract most of Shadow 1.

Helmat Cam Footage 

Many thanks to Pauleh, BigThing and Orakel for recording the following footage.

Thanks to Spawny for a great mission.


Time: 0500

At 05:00 2 Shadow teams, one Echo team and a special operative headed out to the AO to intercept a convoy headed to Ortego. Echo was already at the location to provide shadow with the needed intel.

The operatives had various objectives. Attack the convoy and plant an operative to assasinate the butcher. Even tough they sustained casualties the convoy was destroyed and the operative was succesfully planted and taken to see their commander. The assasination was succesful and in the mean time shadow forces headed towards their second objective. An enemy base. They destroyed and severely damaged the armor they found there and were able to retrieve the inserted operative from the town of Corazol.

This is when things went sideways. Shadow two sustained heavy losses when it got caught between two fronts. Shadow one sustained heavy casulaties when retreating from an approaching BMP.

Shadow was successful in their objective to destroy the enemy communications tower and all retreated to ortega where they took a final stand. The incoming enemy forces were taken out and at that point the IRIS forces started to shell the town. That was the moment for shadow to get exfilled.

In the end the losses were severe the objectives were all destroyed or taken out but at a price.

HQ has decided that in order to move quicker and get in and out of situations faster wyou will be setting up camp on the main island and operate from there. Insertion by chopper is drawing too much attention.

We are sorry for the losses of shadow 1 and 2. New operatives will be sent out to reinforce you as we speak.

Thanks to Spawny for a great mission

On [REDACTED] Tier 1 operators took part in Operation Redacted on the civil war striken island of [REDACTED]. This AAR describes what took place.


Following years of Civil War and no clear progression on either side NATO has recently been receiving reports of human rights violations by the Eastern Orthodox right-wing faction 'IRIS'.

Tier1 had been sent in to investigate 'IRIS', establish the scale of human rights violations and, if possible, disrupt IRIS's operations.

This was a 'dark op' with all operations conducted on the basis of deniability. Tier1 troops had been flown in and were operating from a small, hastily constructed base on an island in the South West. Limited supplies were present and operators had been instructed to use their own personal gear.


Time: 0100

Weather: Scattered clouds. Wind from the SW

At 0100 two four-man teams (Shadow 1 and 2), supported by one two-man recon teams (Echo 1), took off from the base (designation Barbie 1) and were transported by Hellcat to an LZ on the South of the island.

Shadow 1 and 2 proceeded north to investigate Objective 1, thought to be an IRIS jump off point for search and destroy patrols on the south of the island. Meanwhile, Echo team 1 headed north, skillfully dodging enemy patrols to gain oversight of the main objective (2) where ethnic cleansing was thought to be taking place.

Both teams successfully avoided contact with multiple IRIS patrols around their assigned objectives.

At 0145 Shadow 2 initiated a successful assault on Objective 1, eliminating eight IRIS members. Meanwhile Shadow 1 conducted a reconnaissance and holding operation to investigate and block potential reinforcements from the town (Estrada) to the North. 

A patrolling armed vehicle engaged Shadow 2 at Objective 1 and unfortunately one man was lost to enemy fire.

Meanwhile Echo 1 had successfully established a recon position around Objective 2. They established the presence of up to 15 enemy infantry as well as the presence of civilian hostages. Drones were deployed successfully to provide inteligence for Shadow teams approaching the objective.

Having established enemy presence in the town of Estrada Shadow 1 and 2 re-grouped and were transported by helicopter to the south east of Objective 2. All teams then successfully established overwatch of the Objective. While planning their assault it became clear that the intention of the IRIS troops around the objective was to execute their civilian hostages. Shadow 1 and 2 initiated their assault with marksman engaging troops whose intent it was to eliminate the hostages present.

During the assault one Russian BTR engaged Shadow Teams situationed to the North of Objective 1 but was eliminated. Tier1 sustained two operators KIA during the assault, but successfully eliminated 20 enemy personnel, two armed trucks and two BTRs. 4 civilian hostages were successful rescued.

Meanwhile IRIS forces conducted counter-attacks from the north and east with armed technicals and a BTR. These were eliminated with the assistance of Echo (providing overwatch) and Reaper with CAS. Hostages were then extracted back to Barbie 1 for medical attention (one remains critical in our makeshift aid station).

The final stage of the operation involved a coordinated assault on the town of Estrada to the east of Objective 2. Reconnaissance conducted by Echo 1 team indicated the presence of 10 enemy infantry in and around buildings within the town. With reinforcements having arrived from Barbie 1, a successful assault was undertaken by Shadow teams 1 and 2, engaging in hand-to-hand fighting and CQB within the town. Having secured the town center, and with IRIS BTRs rapidly approaching from the north east, Shadown and Echo elements proceeded back to Objective 1 for successful extraction via Hellcat.


Tier1 suffered 4 men KIA.

IRIS casaulties unknown, but thought to include:

  • 70 infantry
  • 3 BTRs
  • 3 .50-cal equipped vehicles/technicals


Command is pleased with the outcome of this stage of the operation in Sahrani. Tier1 successfully proved their ability as an effective force and, importantly, confirmed NATO reports of human rights violations occuring within the region.

Command has directed that Tier1 operators are to remain on the island, and conduct future operations to hinder IRIS actions.

Last Operation:

Operation Lobo

Mission Time: 06:00

Location: Lingor - Area from Defensive Line Broker to Calamar Airport

Current Situation:

We have requested HQ to relocate our Tier1 forces from Chernobyl to Lingor Island again. We have been in an all out war and we are currently pushing south and west on the island. We have been halted at San Arulco and we are barely holding Tucos at the moment.

Mission Briefing:

We need you to help the push south from victorin and North of Marcella. We have friendly forces landing at Palida and trying to keep Opfor forces occupied at various locations.
The forces which will land at Palida will try to break through and take and hold El Villon.

After you have broken through the defensive line near Marcella we want you to push through the Airfield at Calamar. We have friendly forces at Prospero taking hard hits from Opfor forces.

Before you push through to the airfield of Calamar we need you to secure the road between negrosa and Prospera so we can get resupplied and open a line for reinforcements.

You will have all the hardware you may need. We are fully stocked and it is up to the Platoon lead how to distribute this among his forces.

Pilots are needed as always but need to stay away north and west of the island as AA is very heavy in those regions.

Mission Objectives:

- Push through defensive line "Broker"
- Relief friendly forces by securing resupply route at Verdes Cross
- Push through and take the airfield of Calamar

Mission AO:


Tier1 platoon sucessfully broke though defensive line broker with minimal casualties dispite encountering heavy enemy resistance. The platoon then continued to move west towards Calamar, continuing to meet signifigant enemy forces, both infantry and armoured. The mission ended with a perfectly executed assult on the airport helped massively by the use of salvaged enemy AT. Once the airfield was captured, Tier1 was relived by friendly forces who would go on to take the town of Calamar.

Helmet Cam Footage:

None available for this mission.

A big thank you to Spawny25 for this mission!